As an experienced tax law firm, the Law Office of Brent Rowlands can do more than just help clients file their taxes. They help you save thousands of dollars in the filing of your taxes and assist with itemizing deductions. And if you’re dealing with an IRS audit notice, the Law Office of Brent Rowlands can be an advocate in tax court.

How Attorney Brent Rowlands Can Help: Taxes

Attorney Brent Rowlands can take the stress away from you if you’re having problems with the IRS. He understands that the IRS may have misunderstood the facts in your case and will explain the facts to the IRS on your behalf. Plus, he can file an appeal of a tax court decision and help you take advantage of tax credits. When you want to save yourself or your business from IRS interest, penalties and possible criminal actions, turn to attorney Brent Rowlands. He understands the tax laws and will devise a specific plan of action while handling the technicalities involved in the tax resolution and settlement process. And if you’re in trouble with the IRS, only a tax attorney like Brent Rowlands can give you attorney-client privilege. Unlike your CPA, he cannot be made to testify against you in court.

Offer in Compromise (OIC) Agreement and Tax Fraud: Attorney Brent Rowlands

Attorney Brent Rowlands can assist you with an OIC agreement with the IRS if you’re unable to pay your taxes. This agreement lets you settle your taxpayer liabilities for less than the full owned amount. He will help you file the IRS Form 656 to begin the process. Here’s some of the criteria:

  • You’re unable to pay a lump sum or over-time installment.
  • Payment in full would cause an economic hardship, such as the inability to pay basic living expenses or you can’t work due to health problems.

Tax Evasion and tax fraud are both criminal offense. Along with potential jail time, there are fines and interest. If IRS agents come to your home or office and start asking financial questions, it’s time to hire an attorney. Once a formal IRS investigation is opened, any information you give can be used against you. Don’t attempt to handle these serious charges on your own.