Litigation refers to the rules and practices involved in settling disputes in the court system. And while it often is associated with tort cases, it can come about in cases from eviction proceedings to contested divorces many people think litigation only refers to trial work, but the litigation process commences long before a court trial. As a matter of fact, most litigated cases get settled before a trial even begins. In negligence lawsuits, such as car accidents, the Civil Rules of Procedure may vary, depending on the jurisdiction.

Demand Letters, Initial Negotiations and Motions: Attorney Brent Rowlands

After investigation a case, the plaintiff’s attorney sends a demand letter to the other party, which may demand the half of a particular activity or demand payment for damages in a specific sum of money. Depending on the case, the defendant may opt to settle the matter informally at this stage. If the dispute cannot be resolved at this stage, a lawsuit is filed and discovery is conducted. Discovery is the mandatory exchange of information, such as physical evidence and the depositions of witnesses. It’s often the bulk of work involved in the litigation process. Motions may be filed to argue the allegations of the case. If the judge denies the motion, the case will then proceed to trial. At the same time, negotiations may be taking place.

At trial, witnesses will testify for both parties, evidentiary exhibits are submitted and attorneys present their arguments. If either party loses their case, the losing party has the right to appeal. This often occurs when a large award is delivered in a verdict.

Why Hire a Litigation Lawyer?

As an experienced litigation lawyer, Brent Rowlands is highly familiar with all of the procedures, steps and required paperwork that needs to be done in a lawsuit. And if alternative dispute resolution is a better approach, he’ll advise you of that option. If the case does go to trial, he has the oral skills to present a strong argument on your behalf in front of the judge or jury. Attorney Brent Rowlands represents you at every step in the litigation process and has had many successes. He’ll put you in the best position for a win.