Domestic Relations

Brent Rowlands: Strong Advocacy For Domestic Relations Clients

A notoriously complex practice area, domestic relations involves a broad spectrum of legal issues related to divorce and separation. In addition to guiding clients through the divorce process, domestic relations lawyers assist with later enforcement and modification of divorce stipulations.
Whether you are currently dealing with a painful divorce or wish to modify previously agreed upon child or spousal support arrangements, you can benefit from a consultation with Brent Rowland. A trusted Virginia Beach lawyer, Brent Rowland has a long history of success as a domestic relations attorney. He will provide the compassionate counsel and proactive representation you need in order to settle your case and move on with your life.

Divorce and Separation

Few things in life are as painful or stressful as bringing a relationship or marriage to a close — and deciding to divorce is just the beginning. The real stress begins as you delve into the complications of post-divorce finances and childcare. Determining what to do with your shared property can be difficult, but resolving custody, child support, and visitation disputes is even more challenging. The wrong custody arrangement could have an adverse impact on your kids in years and even decades to come.

Brent Rowland is an excellent advocate to have at your side during this difficult time; with his support, you can achieve the divorce resolutions that most benefit you and your beloved family. He handles all aspects of the divorce process, including division of property, child support, spousal support, child custody, and more.

Tax Considerations

A knowledgeable and versatile lawyer, Brent Rowland possesses an impressive understanding of both family and tax law. This combined knowledge allows him to accurately address the many financial concerns associated with separation and divorce. Whether your goal is to settle your differences through mediation, collaboration, or litigation, tax-related counsel from Brent Rowland can prove financially prudent in the long run.

Brent Rowland: Limiting Damage Through Strong Legal Advocacy

Brent Rowland understands the ease with which divorce, separation, and other domestic legal concerns can tear families apart. His goal is to reduce the tension inherent in the divorce process, while also fighting for the best interests of his valued clients. He pushes hard to avoid needless damage, but also knows when to fight aggressively on his clients’ behalf.
Domestic issues need not destroy your health and happiness; work with Brent Rowland to achieve a favorable case outcome and a clean slate.