Client Reviews

One of the very best Attorneys in Tidewater

I have worked with Attorney Brent Rowlands for 15 years, and with the very greatest pleasure. Brent is the best, and will always handle all my legal work in Virginia. An A+ Attorney, and I have no hesitation in recommending him. Brent has handled a very difficult and long “on going” probate case for an estate and has been tremendous! Most of all he did this for us nearly 1,000 miles apart. A+

- Bill Coan (5 star review)

Unpaid commercial lease payment

I had unpaid rent from a commercial property. We met the other attorney at court, negotiated and settled the dispute in record speed out in the hall before even going in front of the judge. This clearly could have been dragged out costing me money. I was very pleased and impressed with the entire process. Not all lawyers are interested in dragging out a case and taking all your money. I referred a friend to Mr. Rowlands and he received the same outstanding service.

- Mark B. Antal (5 star review)

A Real Gentleman

He was very pleasant at all times and explain everything so I could understand.He also was very knowledgable in the law and answer all my questions.I would recommend him highly.Because when he on your side you can count on him.Thats who i will call Thank you.

- Joe (5 star review)

Fast and effective

Brent helped me with a real estate deal that had went bad for me and my partners. Time was of the essences and he handled and came up with the solution in literally a few hours. Brent is fair, honest and effective. I would recommend him with out hesitation

- David (5 star review)

One WISE & HONEST LAWYER ! ( Imagine That ! )

Brent Rowlands has handled Legal Work for me since 1994. I continue to have Brent handle Legal matters for me to this day ! That makes a Strong Statement in itself.
Brent has Set Up a Standard and also a Not for Profit Corporation at my behest, he has handled Litigation and Tax Consultation for me also. He has counseled me on Family issues as well to my complete satisfaction.

He is Very Experienced, Smart ( Wise ), Honest, Moral & Ethical. ( How many men can you say that about, esp. Lawyers ?). He is very Cautious, Careful, Caring, Diligent, Detailed, and thinks Way ahead to Anticipate potential Pitfalls and Traps that could possible affect you and is Careful to Protect your interests now and later as well.

Brent’s Hourly Rate is Extremely Competitive and the Flat Fee for Service he has charged me has been rather inexpensive too !

His Expertise in Tax Law and Legal Tax Avoidance rates with the very Best. He also has Specialized in the formation of Corporations, Not for Profit Corporations, Family Law and Debtors Rights Law.

Brent is Always ready to Pray with you and for you and your Family to ask GOD to Intervene on your behalf and with and through him for your benefit. With GOD on his and your side, who can prevail against you or hurt you ? No one !

- JOHN (5 star review)

Tax issues

Brent Rowlands is a fine lawyer, he is conscientious and honest about your legal remedies. He can be counted on to work with you to understand your issues and suggest the proper course for successful resolution. I trust him. We had a professional, personal and client relationship that has spanned 35 years. You cannot do better if you need legal representation. Tax issues were dealt with.

- Russell (5 star review)

Attorney Brent Rowlands is outstanding

Brent Rowlands has been an excellent source of legal advice for me and my family. I have found him to be very ethical, knowledgeable, trustworthy and hard working. He does not just dispense legal advice, he really cares about you as an individual and works diligently to resolve your legal issue. I highly recommend Brent for any legal needs that you have.

- Max (5 star review)